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                       U.S.A.  RICE



    Fibra, Inc. , is a rice consulting and exporting company incorporated under the Texas State business
    law and regulations. We are a consortium of top level,  highly qualified individuals from the U.S.     
    rice industry. Each is a key executive in this field and all have a minimum of 15 years of experience 
    in the rice industry.

    Our activities cover several countries in the Middle-East, Africa and Central America, and we look
    forward to expanding our services and products to new territories.            



    Backed by most of the largest and finest rice mills in USA and Asia, we are in a position to supply   
    the following rice qualities:     

             White long grain       
             Medium Southern
             Rough (Paddy)  


         Bagged and Bulk Rice

            Large orders of rice are shipped in one of two different

                 1. Bagged in 45 or 50 Kgs new polypropylene bags.             
                 2. Bulk. Where rice is loaded loose from large silos in the
                     belly of an ocean vessel.


Rice Mill Facility


          Packaged Rice

             We also offer rice in smaller packages to satisfy the demand of the supermarket industry.
              Packaged rice is shipped in standard sea containers and can be supplied as follow:  

                    1. Polyethylene bags using our Brand name  "American Delite".
                        Sizes available are 2, 5 and 10 Lbs.         

                                      American Delite

                    2. Private labels are also available upon request.



       Our primary objective is to effectively service our customers by providing quality products, in a
       timely manner at a competitive price. Therefore, we invite you to please contact our Sales
       Department for all of  your future inquiries and it will be our pleasure to accommodate your
       needs in any way we possibly can.





                                                         Fibra Incorporated
                                                   6911  Overlook Hill Lane     
                                                    Sugarland, Texas 77479